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The Heart of the World 

Uncovering the Mystical Heart of Christ's Teachings

There are many people who've had a deep resonance with Christ and his message -- but are sincerely conflicted because of the hypocrisy, power dynamics, dogma, exclusivity, and horrific abuse that continue to plague our Christian religious institutions.

Because of this conflict, some have thrown the baby out with

the bathwater when it comes to Christ. Yet, in doing so something precious and essential is lost.

Many of us have never been exposed to the unique spiritual technology that lives at the heart of the Christian Mystical

tradition. This ancient wisdom can assist us in a fully embodied transformation of the heart that is desperately needed in our world right now.

October -December

The Christ We Never Learned About 

Embedded within Christ's journey is actually a powerful roadmap created for one purpose: to help humanity realize our Divine potential. 

At the heart of the Christian mystical tradition is a spiritual technology designed to help us upgrade our hearts to their highest levels of living and loving. 

This is not what most of grew up learning at church!  Yet,

this particular kind of transformation is needed now more than ever in our world. 

Humanity is at a crossroads-- we are either going to fall further into division and hate, or seize this time in our

history to catapult us forward into our human destiny: 

true love, understanding, and compassion for one another. 


Within the Christ-template -- his teachings, message, and

the very path he embodied -- exists a step-by-step guide

that can transport us from our current state of narrow-minded consciousness into a state of the heart that is truly one with God.  That kind of heart is wide enough to love, to forgive -- even our 'enemies' -- and to be an instrument of sacred activism, inclusion and peace in our world.

Christ's deeper invitation was not to a creed or

a belief system, but a call for an interior change.

The Christ template offers us a new way

of seeing, living, and loving in the world.

TheMystical Path

The radical journey Christ invites us into is not usually

taught within the structures and teachings of mainstream religion.  This interior part of the journey has little to do with creeds or beliefs and everything to do with a total enlightenment of our bodies, hearts, and minds.

The institutional church hasn't been fully equipped or prepared to offer the vast majority of people (clergy included!) an experiential approach to healing the

human condition.  A very different transformation is called for if we are going to sustain and embody the interior transfiguration that Christ taught. 

This kind of interior transformation is available through the Mystical Christ offerings--both online and in person. 

No matter what path we're on- if we aren't seeing the fruits of embodied growth - greater awareness, love, compassion, and service in the world - then we have to stop and honestly ask ourselves if that path is truly bringing about real transformation in our heart and in our life.  

The Christian Mystical path isn't just for 'spiritual' people who are longing

for a deeper experience of God -- or even Christ.  This journey is for anyone seeking to become a more healthy and whole human being.  Doing this work

upgrades your consciousness so that you can be more alive, loving,

and awake! The effects of this journey are felt immediately at

home, in our work place, and with the people we love the most. 

Would you like your heart to open up to greater compassion for yourself and others?


Do you struggle to reach surrender and acceptance in the midst of life's challenges?

Are you called to a deeper place on your own transformational journey right now?

Do you desire to be a more effective force of healing in our world?



If you feel called to take your human journey to the next

level of evolution, please join our next online retreat!

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