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The Cave of the Heart Wisdom School

Entering the Depths of Mystical Christianity

Three-Day Contemplative Retreats 

Ottawa, Canada

Upcoming Retreat: April 26-28, 2024

The often-hidden and largely misunderstood jewel of the

Christian mystical tradition is the very path of the mystics

themselves. Through contemplative practices, many of  these

mystics achieved a death of the ego-ic/separate self and realized

union with this unnameable Mystery they called "God."

One of the great gifts of this mystical path is the "spiritual

technology" that is available to help us live as embodied

instruments of love, presence and compassion in our lives

and in our world.


The Wisdom School:

This wisdom school is facilitated by Neelama and comprises a dedicated group of spiritual seekers desiring a more profound and tangible connection to themselves, their unique Spiritual Source, and each other. 


The Wisdom School meets in person twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, in Ottawa Canada for 3-day

non-residential retreats.
We draw from mystical te
achings and the deeper contemplative thread of the Christian tradition as our guide and spiritual template.

Christ's deeper invitation was not to a creed or

a belief system, but a call for an interior change.

Embedded within teachings and journey of Christ is a powerful roadmap created to help humanity realize our Divine potential and incarnate (live it!) in the world. 

At the heart of the Christian mystical tradition is a spiritual technology designed to help us upgrade our hearts to their highest levels of living, giving, and loving.  This is not what most of grew up learning at church!  Yet, this particular kind of transformation is needed now more than ever in our world. 

Humanity is at a crossroads-- either we fall further into division and hate, or we transform into our human destiny:  love, forgiveness, understanding, and compassion for one another. 


Within the Christ-template exists a spiritual technology that can transform our current state of narrow and primitive (survival) consciousness into an expansion of the heart that experiences commno humanity with all beings and unity with God.  That kind of heart is wide enough to love, to forgive -- even our 'enemies' -- and to be an instrument of sacred activism, inclusion and peace in our world. 

The Wisdom School is for people who who are seeking to:

EXPLORE the contemplative side of the Christian mystical tradition

DISCOVER tools, techniques, and heart-centered prayer practices that allow your Divinity to infuse your Humanity 


EXPERIENCE an embodied Spirituality

BECOME an instrument of greater love, peace, and compassion in our world.

Upcoming Wisdom School

UPCOMING DATES: April 26-28, 2024


LOCATION: Ottawa, Canada.  Participants coming in from out of town can often be hosted by local participants, if needed.


TO APPLY: Since this is a dedicated group, please contact Neelama directly if you are interested in applying to join.

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