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Divorced with Love

In this co-authored memoir, Neelama Eyres and her ex-husband offer a profound and compelling personal story of their journey through divorce, and how they eventually arrived at compassion, forgiveness, and friendship. 

One doesn't often see the words divorce and love in the same sentence. Yet, for Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres, divorcing with love became a reality. Divorced with Love is the deeply revealing personal strory of the authors' painful break-up and bitter divorce, and the powerful journey of healing that followed.


Throughout the book, they share their unique experience—one which led this ex-couple to continue working as business partners, remain dear friends, and eventually move across the country together to cohabitate and share the parenting of their special needs son.


This memoir is a raw and honest account of that tumultuous, traumatic, and transformational journey—and the deep insights, spiritual wisdom, and life lessons acquired along the way.


"Embedded within our personal story is a collective human experience, with universal life lessons that can lead to healing, forgiveness, compassion, and greater self-awareness. May our story assist anyone looking to become a bigger, better, brighter human being." Neelama Eyres & Michael Schiesser 


"Michael and Neelama offer a vulnerable, poignant, wise, and ultimately redemptive story that takes us beyond romantic infatuation into the deepest kind of love - a spiritual partnership in which both are committed to serving God and humanity (plus a special child). Given our high rates of divorce, this book should be mandatory reading so that the inevitable tumult of separation can serve our ultimate freedom.''

Stephen Dinan | CEO The Shift Network, Author Sacred America, Sacred World

"I am so grateful to Michael and Neelama for sharing the truth of their struggles and the immensity of their love with the world. These two incredible human beings have navigated some of the greatest challenges in life - getting divorced and raising a special needs child - with courage, grace, wisdom and heart. We all can benefit from taking the journey down into the depths of darkness and back into the light with them, receiving many powerful lessons for our own lives —above all, self-acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.” MeiMei Fox | 2x NYTimes Bestselling Author

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