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Coaching, Mentoring, and Spiritual Direction with Neelama

Neelama has been coaching people for over 25 years and combines decades of experience and a depth of wisdom to help people navigate personal and professional challenges and transitions and bring their creative ideas and visions to life.


The human journey is full of ups and downs, and many twists and turns along the way. At certain times it can be invaluable to have a coach, mentor, or guide to support us. Transformational Coaching and Mentoring Sessions are intended to help you navigate through the personal or professional passages that life brings and to walk together to bring your ideas and visions into reality. Spiritual Direction sessions are designed to guide and support you on your spiritual journey and are more contemplative in nature. 

Transformational Coaching Sessions

Are you looking for support through a difficult phase in your personal or professional life?


Neelama has been coaching people for over two decades and brings a compassionate, practical and experiential approach into her work with people. This is much more than just 'talking' about yourself or the issues you're facing on your journey. In a Transformational Coaching session, you will be guided into a deeply experiential process, one that includes some form meditation or contemplative practice as part of your time together. Neelama's decades of experience allows her to customize each session to the needs of the person in the moment.

Customized sessions devoted to your unique situation and process

Support in working through challenges and transitions you're facing in your personal or professional life 

An experiential approach to helping you understand and transform the deeper roots of the challenge you're facing

Guidance for clearing out the mind chatter so that you can hear and act on your own intuitive wisdom and guidance 

Tools for integrating the insights 

from the session into your daily life

Guided compassion and meditation practices to ensure a lasting shift

Clarifying the most skillful actions you

can take to move forward at this time

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Mentoring Sessions

Need a mentor to guide you through a particular phase or project in your professional life?


In a Mentoring Journey, you will be carefully guided and supported to bring your visions into the world in practical and tangible ways.

  • Interested in developing a training or workshop for your company? 

  • Trying to write a book?

  • Wanting to create a presentation, talk or podcast?

  • Looking to offer a program in your community?


Neelama has mentored hundreds of people to transform their ideas, projects, and visions into tangible offerings in a variety of personal and professional settings.

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Curated sessions aimed to clarify your ideas into a concrete vision and plan of action.

Decades of facilitation and workshop design experience applied to crafting your unique offering for your intended audience.


Expertise in how to frame your content and tailor your processes for a variety of settings.


Compassionate guidance to navigate the most common internal barriers in the way of manifesting your vision. (self-criticism, doubt, imposter syndrome, patterns of sabotage).

Guided practices to support you to access your own intuitive wisdom, creativity, and guidance.

Compassionate accountability to help you stay on track, take skillful action and realize your goals.

Spiritual Direction Sessions


Neelama has been called to spirituality from a young age, and has served as a guide for many people on their spiritual journeys. Since 1998, Neelama has been working with people individually and in group settings to help them expand, deepen, and integrate their spirituality into daily life.

Guided meditations and practices to support an embodied experience of spiritual connection


Contemplative Inquiry into a specific obstacle or challenge you are facing on your spiritual journey at this time

Deepening your relationship to and connection with your unique spiritual source


Discovering your Spiritual Crucible and learning how to navigate it in a skillful way to bring about profound transformation 


Creating a place of sacred listening for you to access your deeper wisdom and own spiritual guidance

Supporting you to integrate your spiritual wisdom and experiences into the fabric of everyday living

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