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Embodying the Mystical

  Christ at


An online course into

 the deeper meaning

and spiritual potential of Christmas. 





The deeper meaning of Christmas is to

recognize that the birth of Christ symbolizes

the birth of the Divine in everyone.

The Christmas Season


The Holiday season can be centered around what's happening outside us: organizing holiday meals, hosting guests, attending office parties,

and -- of course-- making sure we've gotten everyone their annual gifts. 


While these can bring great joy, they can also

be an incredible source of stress. When our focus is only on the outer events of the season, we lose touch with the radical inner transformation that the Christmas season

invites us into.

Christmas, when understood at a deeper level, invites us to

participate in a powerful inner transfiguration of our whole being. 

In the story of Jesus's birth, we have a sacred message:


Divinity incarnating into humanity. 


I call this the Inner Christmas, and it's available here and now- for each and every

one of us. Contrary to popular belief, the incarnation was not meant for just one

person, 2000 years ago.  As Christ taught over and over, we are all designed to

become embodiments of Divine love, peace, truth and healing. Our world,

more than ever, needs the unadulterated light of our Being.

"The whole of creation 

is the beloved community, the partner in the divine dance.


Everything is the “child of God.”

No exceptions.


When you think of it, what else

could anything be?


All creatures must in some way carry the divine DNA of their Creator."

~Richard Rohr: OFM: Franciscan Priest and Spiritual Author

School Children Cheerful Variation Conce


During this online course, you'll journey into the

Christmas season from a vastly different perspective. 


You'll explore the rich gifts of the Christian contemplative tradition,

and learn how the teachings and prayer practices can be

applied to your own growth and spiritual development.


Embedded deep within the roadmap of Christ, is a unique spiritual

technology designed to break open your heart, catalyze your spiritual

growth, and help you embody your divinity in the routine of your daily life.

Ultimately, this journey will help you:

manifest your soul's mission 

in the world



inherent divinity

yourself and others from an abundant heart




What you’ll discover in this course:

Join us for this powerful online journey as we follow the template of Christ, through the process of INCARNATION:  living our lives as fully human, and fully Divine. 

Each live session will be an opportunity to journey into the Christmas season exploring key wisdom teachings and spiritual practices from the Christian contemplative path. 


In between our sessions, you'll have the opportunity to embody what you're learning in the ultimate setting: your daily life.  As you deepen with Neelama and your virtual community, we co-create a container which supports you to integrate the practices and principles of the Christ-path at home, at work, within your family and with your loved ones.  

What the journey includes:

  • 4 Live Video Sessions (90 min in length) via Zoom (or by phone if you prefer).

  • Sessions are recorded so you can watch later if unable to attend live.

  • Weekly exercises to consciously put the teachings into practice in your daily life

  • Weekly guided audio meditations and prayer practices from Neelama to cultivate greater presence and compassion

  • Private Facebook Group for sharing and Q/A with Neelama

  • Weekly email containing inspiration from teachers of the Christian mystical path

The gifts you will receive:

  • An experience of your Inner Christmas

  • Greater connection with God's presence in your daily life

  • Embodied experience of your own Divinity

  • Contemplative practices that allow you to navigate life's challenges with grace

  • A profound integration of prayer and meditation into your routine of living

  • An explosion of love and compassion for yourself and others

  • A rare opportunity to experience a virtual community with fellow seekers on the journey

Course details:

  • Course Dates: October 23rd; November 6th & 20th, and December 11th 2019

  • Call Times: Wednesdays at 5-6:30 PST

  • Cost: $175

  • For questions or further information, contact Neelama at: 


"Neelama is a wonderful teacher. She is passionate and warm, and she brings to the program as much love and heart as she does knowledge and experience. The program design is brilliant – and her powerful exercises build on each other, unblocking us, deepening us spiritually and connecting us to our divine self. It’s a beautiful thing!"   ML -- Ottawa, Canada 

"What I most appreciate about the Mystical Christ workshops with Neelama is how inclusive they are. It does not matter that I am of Jewish heritage and relate most to a Hindu path. I am treated as a fellow seeker and feel right at home in the Mystical Christ gatherings."   LK -- Ottawa Canada

"The Mystical Christ has become a compass for me to arrive at God’s door. On this journey led by Neelama, I felt deep togetherness with the other participants; free to reveal my heart, my wounds, and my longings while opening to the whole of Divine love."  JR -- Washington DC

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