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The Virtual Sanctuary

An Online Interfaith Experience

Participate in the Virtual Sanctuary

The Virtual Sanctuary is an experiential interfaith service.  The experience
provides a much needed refuge from the chaos and uncertainty going on around us. 
This interactive service creates a feeling of community, ritual, and a sense of the sacred.
The Virtual Sanctuary draws from the mystical wisdom, teachings and spiritual practices at the heart of our world's traditions.  It's free and open to anyone, regardless of faith.


A Sneak Peek

Check out a short preview of the Virtual Sanctuary 
on our YouTube channel!

The Virtual Sanctuary is one way to take care of our spiritual health during this unprecedented time. Because of our changing world and reliance on technology, we're not connected to the  communities and rituals that would normally provide support and meaning at a time like this.
The more we tend to our souls, the  better equipped we'll be to face the intersecting crises we face with greater courage, peace, wisdom and compassion.

"In a time of crisis

the impulse is to go into emergency mode, fear  

and panic. Giving in to those impulses will further engender engender an epidemic of soul sickness.

The spiritual effect of the outbreak is neglected. 

Your soul is the most most intimate part of you,

and it isn’t found by running away!"

Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP


What to expect in The Virtual Sanctuary


Expect an embodied spirituality -- one that is known inside of you by direct experience. Although Neelama offers a teaching, its facilitated as an embodied process that allows you to tangibly experience a deeper level of yourself. Using the Zoom technology, participants are able to enter into this multi-dimensional online service, from the privacy of their own environment.



What you'll need to participate


To enhance your experience of this interactive service, we suggest the following in order to get the most out of participating:

  • A somewhat quiet place in your home to join the session (preferably by computer/ipad)

  • Journal/Pen

  • Earbuds/Headphones

  • Candle/Lighter

  • Pictures of your loved one(s) or anyone you'd like to pray for

  • Bowl of water

  • Small cup of grape juice/wine

Drawing on the wisdom

inherent in all spiritual traditions

The Virtual  Sanctuary

Doors open to anyone

What participants are saying

"Thank you for another truly exquisite service. I am so moved by the compassion, love and wisdom, breadth and depth, coming through you in such unique ways every week. Thank you for creating this field we can all step into."

"Thank you Neelama for holding this very sacred space for us to come together and experience the love and presence of the Divine in ALL It's forms. " 

"Your Zoom service is the best I have encountered!

You create a beautiful container. Excellent curation of soulful rituals.  It's a very special space that makes it easy to drop into myself and be deeply nourished."  

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