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The Applied Compassion Training (ACT)
CCARE Stanford University

Neelama is a Co-Founder and Director of the Applied Compassion Training (ACT) at CCARE Stanford University  ACT is a global certificate program designed to prepare people who feel an urgency to bring compassionate action into their occupations, professions, communities, institutions, and into their own personal development. 

For decades, CCARE Stanford has been on the forefront of compassion research and education, and the Applied Compassion Training is their newest contribution to the world of compassion training. ACT is a global incubator where people turn their ideas of compassion into tangible action in communities and workplaces around the world.


Through the ACT program, Neelama has educated and mentored hundreds of people to turn their dreams of a more compassionate world into reality. Her unique approach includes creating and facilitating tangible experiences of compassion and helping others learn how to do the same. Through her work with ACT, she trained people to design cultures of compassion in a variety of personal and professional settings worldwide.

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