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The human journey is full of ups and downs, and many twists and turns along the way. At certain times it can be invaluable to have a guide, mentor, or coach to support us. Transformational Coaching Sessions are intended to help you navigate through some of the more challenging personal or professional passages that life brings. These sessions take place over the phone or via Skype/Zoom for those that prefer video.


Neelama has been coaching people since 1999 and brings both a practical and experiential approach into her work with people. This is much more than just 'talking' about yourself or the issues you're facing on your journey. In a Transformational Coaching session, you will be guided into a deeply experiential process, one that includes some form meditation or contemplative practice as part of your time together.

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+One hour of unconditional presence 

and attention devoted to your process

+Short mindfulness practice to activate 

 awareness and support our work together

+Working through a challenge

you're facing in your personal

or professional life right now

+An experiential approach to 

understand the deeper roots of the issue

+Support in clearing out the mind chatter

 so that you can better hear your own 

intuitive wisdom and guidance 

+ Meditation and Compassion Practices

to ensure a lasting shift takes place

+Tools for integrating the insights

from the session into your daily life

+Clarifying the most skillful actions you

can take to move forward at this time

What to expect in a Coaching session: 

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